How I went from the brink of divorce at age 52, to a thriving marriage
...without therapy or dancing lessons
Susan W. Kennedy
Choose to create a life YOU LOVE.
Your relationship feels really bad right now and nothing you’ve tried has worked.
You’re done with the past, pleasing people, being tired & emotionally drained, and living to the expectations of others.

 You want to have a great relationship, but you’re at wit’s end. Your greatest desire is to feel loved, heard, understood, and connected again. 
You know deep down there is something for you to learn about yourself.  
March 12th @5 pm (CST)
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I'm going to reveal...
 The Real Reason Your Relationship is out of sorts (what no one else has taught you) and what is possible.
 What You are Doing Now to Keep the Relationship You Really Want Away From You.
 What You Need to Know First, in order to trust yourself to move forward confidently. 
Susan W. Kennedy
Choose to create a life YOU LOVE.
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